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Effective substances based on somatostatin receptors


Somatostatin is a 14 amino acid hormone that is secreted in the digestive system and central nervous system. This hormone has a wide range of applications in inhibiting biological activities and has a short biological half-life of 2 minutes. For this reason, many analogues have been synthesized, which have a stronger effect and a longer half-life than somatostatin. Among these analogs, we can mention dotatyl acetate, Heiniketoc trifluoroacetate and dotatoc acetate.

Somatostatin Receptor Imaging using SPECT and PET has become one of the powerful tools for imaging and diagnosing neuroendocrine tumors.


Heinecke-Tock trifluoroacetate

Dota-tate acetate

Dota-Toc Acetate