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Aprin Pharmed Company offers its customers a full range of peptide services including custom peptide synthesis, purification and analysis. Also, providing the technical know-how to produce all kinds of active substances of peptide drugs is considered as another service of Aprin Pharmed.

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Knowledge-based Aprin pharmed company was registered in 1399 with purpose of activity in research,development and production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). Peptide drugs are very important in our product portfolio. We are proud to provide a variety Of services for the synthesis, purification and analysis of peptide APIs.

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Active Ingredients of Peptide-based Radiopharmaceutical

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Active Ingredients of Peptide-based Drugs

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Active Ingredients of Cosmetic Peptides

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Aprin Pharmed

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Engineer Seyyed Mohammad Shah Cheragh


Dr. Maryam Khoshdoun

Head of research

Dr. Arslan Pashapour

Chairman of the Board