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Purification of


Purification of peptides from synthetic reaction mixtures or natural sources is very complicated. Purification challenges arise from the complexity of the chemical structure of peptides and the separation of the target structure from impurities that have similar polarity. Most peptide products are purified using preparative liquid chromatography (HPLC), although sometimes alternative methods such as ion exchange or gel filtration chromatography may be used. Our peptide synthesis unit offers three levels of purity.

Since the purity of the requested peptide depends on its application, you can decide on choosing the purity level of the peptide through expert consultation with us.

Low purity level:

The lowest level of purity is between 50% and 70% with an average purity of about 60%. Products with this purity percentage are called “crude”. Although this level of purity has the name of low purity, it can both save your money and help to screen and choose among other peptides for drug development.

Average purity level:

Peptides with medium purity level also have many applications. Peptides with a purity of 70-80% are suitable for antibody tests.

Higher Purity Levels:

Purity percentages of 80 to 95% are used for research studies and the production of some cosmetic products, and the highest purity percentage (above 98%) is related to in vivo studies, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical studies.