Aprin Farmed

Heineken Tok Trifluoroacetate


HYNIC-TOC trifluoroacetate is an effective peptide radiopharmaceutical that consists of two peptide parts similar to octreotide and Hynic chelator. Endocrinology, which is mostly located in the intestine, pancreas or lungs, is used.


CAS registration number
  • 257943-19-4
molecular mass
  • 1284.38 گرم بر مول
Molecular formula
  • C55H71N13O12S2.C2HF3O2
  • white powder
  • HYNIC-[Tyr3] Octreotide
Peptide sequence
  • Hynic-D-Phe-Cys-Tyr-D-Trp-Lys-Thr-Cys-Thr-OL (Disulfide Bridge Cys2-Cys7)
  • 2-8 degrees Celsius
Therapeutic applications
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging or radionuclide therapy