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Peptide synthesis


Today, peptides are used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the development of antibiotic drugs, the production of antibodies, and the design of vaccines. Instead of producing their own custom peptides, many scientists prefer to outsource the work to specialized service providers. Aprin Pharmed pharmaceutical company is able to meet the needs of large biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as university-research centers in the field of peptide synthesis with the benefit of expert forces. We are ready to cooperate in the production of all kinds of peptides, from simple to long and challenging sequences.

Using Aperin Pharmed’s peptide synthesis services is associated with the following::

  • Personal and specialized advice by experienced staff
  • Fast order processing and quick delivery time
  • Completely optimized synthesis methods and obtaining reaction mixtures up to 98% purity of products
  • The possibility of synthesizing different sequences with abnormal amino acids
  • Creating various structural modifications in the peptide
  • High quality with competitive price
  • Weight scale range from mg to kg
  • On time delivery nationwide
  • Strict quality control: All peptides have mass spectroscopic and high-performance liquid chromatography reports. If the customers wish, in addition to the mentioned analyses, tests such as TFA content, Acetate content and Water content are also performed.
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