Aprin Farmed


Aprin Pharmed provides all the analysis and identification services of peptide structures and in this regard, it benefits from the latest equipment in the world.

Contact our service department to perform a variety of chromatography-based analyses, including determination of purity percentage (% Purity), determination of sample peptide content (Content %), determination of remaining acetate and triflate percentage (% Acetate and TFA content) or to receive any expert advice. do.

Other analysis services of Aperin Pharmed are as follows:

  • Determining the amount of residual water in peptide
  • samples through the Karl Fischer apparatusMeasuring the
  • amount of optical rotation through a polarimeter device
  • Analysis and stabilization of the structure of various raw
  • materials including protected amino acids
  • Determining the optical purity of amino acids using chiral
  • columns
  • Mass analysis test along with its interpretation