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PSMA 617




Overexpression of PSMA in cancer cells leads to the growth of the disease process. The use of specific radio ligands to target and bind to these antigens, along with the use of other techniques, has led to the treatment of many prostate cancer patients. One of the most efficient of these radio ligands is PSMA-617, which, due to labeling with radionuclides such as 177lu, has the ability to emit beta rays and penetrate PSMA-expressing cells.

CAS registration number
  • 1702967-37-0
Molecular weight
  • 1042.14 g/mol
molecular formula
  • C49H71N9O16
  • white powder
  • -20 C in a dry and dark environment
Therapeutic applications
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging or radionuclide therapy